I have received various messages from people who actually tried some of these games and got back horrifying, emotionally and physically scarring results. 
Play at your own risk.
hide and seek: playing cat and mouse with a possessed doll
fortune: asking spirits for your entire future
things you never want to do: a collection of dare-devil activities
midnight man: summoning a demon
how to actually contact blood mary: self-explanatory
living doll: inducing a spirit to possess a doll
concentrate: a game to figure out how you will die 
kokkuri-san: summon a spirit to ask about the future 
three kings: access to another dimension 
shoe box telephone: communication with the dead
elevator game: access to another world you may or may not get out of 
bath game: summoning a ghost that will follow you around all day
cat scratch: to summon a spirit that leave claw marks on your back
sandman game: persons body feels much heavier
baby blue: to summon an evil baby spirit
light as a feather: make person’s body light enough to lift up with fingers


This is something that should be taught in schools and to parents across the world.
Wait, so cops manage to bring in convicted mass murderer (and armed) TJ Lane unharmed and alive after he escapes from jail, but an unarmed Mike Brown gets shot while surrendering because the cop was supposedly afraid?

I like the way you think, Coke.


Story time:
While taking put the trash at work, I kicked this little bag of pennies. Obviously, since I’m poor, a grabbed them and threw them in my pocket before going on with the rest of my shift.
Close to the end of my shift, I remembered this bag of pennies, so I took it out and counted it out. 7 cents.
My coworker came up and started talking to me while I was doing this, so we chatted, the entire time, this tiny bag of pennies in my hand.
Meanwhile, one of my managers sees me and my coworker talking over this bag, immediately thinks that it’s drugs, yells, and grabs both of us and drags us to the back room.
So, we’re sitting there, me clutching this bag of pennies in my fist, while my manager gets my GM on the phone, yelling about how we were “trading drugs during our shift” and “endangering ourselves and other in the workplace.”
Within 10 minutes, my GM was there, papers in hand to terminate our employment, talking about how they should call the cops. I started crying, cause they wouldn’t let me get a word in edge-wise, my coworker was actually texting his dad the entire time, trying to get them to come fight for him.
It wasn’t until the GM asked what drug they were that they finally let me talk.
So, while I was sobbing, I opened my hand and dropped the bag in my manager’s hand.
And he bursts out laughing.
Within seconds I had explained everything, the pennies, the situation, everything.
I almost got fired and arrested over 7 pennies.

Your manager is a piece of shit.


Slavery: “GET OVER IT!”

Imperialism: “GET OVER IT!”

Exploitation: “GET OVER IT!”

World Starvation: “GET OVER IT”

Genocide: “GET OVER IT!”

Occupation: “GET OVER IT!”


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